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Certified Commercial Backflow Testing,
Maintenance and Repair

New England Backflow, Inc. offers service for all of your commercial buildings’ backflow needs.

Whether you are located in a small building or occupy several stories in a high rise, building we have the right equipment and the most experienced staff here to make sure you are taken care of. With the years of experience New England Backflow technicians have under their belts you can rest assured that whatever backflow problem arises for your commercial building, we can fix it. We offer the highest grade professional equipment you will find in the service industry, as well as technicians who are not only friendly and professional, but also highly trained and experienced as well. Your business is important and deserves no less than the quality that New England Backflow can provide.

Our commitment to protecting safe drinking water is also shown by the fact that all testers are certified New Hampshire Water System Operators as well. This is important, because the water utility is responsible for establishing and maintaining a Cross Connection Control Program; and being water operators, we are better trained to understand the needs of the client.

We believe that you will be pleased with the services we can offer you to keep your water system or plant in compliance with state and local standards.

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