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History of New England Backflow Inc.

As a Water Operator for the Town of Derry, Paul Whittemore was responsible for testing and following up on the failed backflows within Derry. Too often during retesting, these backflow preventers would fail again, mostly because the repair person did not understand how the backflow devices worked. It became apparent there was a need to begin a quality backflow testing and service company. Paul started C & P Backflow Services in March of 1994.

Starting out was slow, testing and repairing backflow devices after work, and on weekends. Paul worked for the Town of Derry, NH from 1992 through September 2003, and then went on to be the Superintendent of the Pembroke Water Works in September 2003 through September 2007. In April 2007 Paul stepped into work with Aquarion Water Company as an Interim Operations Manager for their Hampton, NH. Water System until they could find a full time replacement. Paul managed the day to day operations of the Hampton, NH Aquarion water system through November 2008.

The need for C & P Backflow Services to transition into a full time backflow service company became apparent at this time. Beginning in January 2008, C & P Backflow Services became New England Backflow Inc. Tom Cravens, owner of Backflow Solutions from Lebanon, Maine also decided he wanted to concentrate on the service aspect of backflow testing and repair, and less time managing the day to day operations of his business. So Tom agreed to come to work for New England Backflow Inc., where he brings thirty-plus years of experience operating the cross-connection control program for the Portsmouth Water Dept.

The goal of New England Backflow Inc. is to be responsive, customer oriented, and flexible. We provide the customer with responsive and professional service at an economical competitive price. Our response time, in most cases, is within 24 hours. We are also Licensed Water Operators which is important because the water utility is responsible to have a Cross Connection Control Program and being water operators we understand the needs of the client.

Our strength is the ability to work with our clients to maintain, test, and repair their backflow prevention devices and operate Cross-connection Control Programs in a timely manner so they meet states’ requirements.

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